Conciliation Board

According to the Standardization Act 2016, Austrian Standards International has to set up a Conciliation Board to which complaints may be submitted.

The Conciliation Board has the task to review decisions made by Austrian Standards International on the following issues:

1)    Rejection or acceptance of a project proposal for standards development,
2)    Refusal to admit a person nominated as a member,
3)    Rejection of a comment,
4)    Dismissal of a member or chairperson of a committee,
5)    Establishment or disbandment of a committee upon the request of stakeholders
6)    Balanced membership of a committee.

The members of the Conciliation Board (PDF, term 2018-2020) fulfil their tasks in an impartial way.

Please note: A fee of EUR 200 plus VAT has to be paid for each submission. This submission fee cannot be refunded.

Requests to the Conciliation Board are to be sent to schlichtungsstelle(at)