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About standards

In a modern economy characterized by the division of labour, standards fulfil manifold tasks. Being voluntary rules prepared by those who need them in everyday practice, they provide clarity in many fields.

They specify harmonized requirements for products and services, ensure the comparability of test methods, define procedures and methods and deliver confirmed knowledge (the state of the art) that serves as a basis for facilitating further developments and innovations.

And: Standards ensure safety in all fields of everyday life, be it in nurseries, road traffic or sports activities. They protect employees in industry, at offices, laboratories or construction sites.

As an independent, neutral and non-profit oriented service organization, Austrian Standards guarantees a transparent and open standardization process in Austria. We offer representatives of industry, administration, science and research the infrastructure and network required for shaping the standards they need.

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What are standards

Standards make every-day-life easier.

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Actively shaping standards

There are diverse opportunities for directly contributing to standards for everybody interested.

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Shaping standards internationally

Ninety percent of all standards that are in effect in Austria originate from the European and international level.

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The value added of standards

Standards improve products, services, production and work processes and make them safer.

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Standards in everyday life

Standards serve you around the clock even though you may not be aware of them.

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Comitee at Austrian Standards.

Committees & contacts

Whatever you want to know about standards and their environment, you will find the right contact person and further information here.

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